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Drops Language Template
Learn dozens of languages with this Trello board I put together!
Over 2000 words to learn in over 30 languages!
Cryptos Summary
Learn about thousands of different cryptocurrencies
Also learn about where to buy them and read through whitepapers!
Blinkist Learning Notes
Blinkist condensing books into ~10 1-2 minute blinks.
Follow along my learning journey!

General Education

Education Master Board
Education Master Board
Check out all of the online resources I use to advance myself.
Follow along my learning journey!
My Coursera Journey
See what classes I have my eye on at Coursera.
Learn how to get free access to the content from any course or specialization.
Trello Master Board
Learn how to make the most of the Trello platform.
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Language Learning (French)

Education Master Board
Learn French with Gail Stein
Check out stuff I've gained from a great author and linguist.
Regularly adding more content!
Busuu Board (French)
Follow my learning journey of French using the Busuu app.
Pick up some French for yourself while you are at it!
Drops Language - French
Learn all over 2000 of the most used words in French.
Use images to help you associate words with something concrete!

Language Learning (Portuguese)

Languages (Duolingo)
Check out all of the great content from the Duolingo app.
You can learn any language you want!
American Sign Language
Learn some sign language to communicate with the deaf or hearing impaired.
Maybe even train your dog to do cool tricks with ASL!
Busuu Board (Portuguese)
Follow my learning journey of Portuguese using the Busuu app.
Pick up some Portuguese for yourself while you are at it!

Travel & Food

Education Master Board
Travel Inspiration from Momentum
I've been collecting my favorite travel destinations using the Momentum Chrome Extension.
Discover beautiful locations for you consider for your next adventure!
My Travel Log
A collection of all of the places I have visited so far, and where I plan to go next.
Follow along as I travel the world! Link up to join in on an adventure.
São Paulo, Brasil
Places to stay and visit while traveling to São Paulo, Brasil.
If you've been hit me up and I'll add more!

Books & Book Notes

Education Master Board
Christian’s Reading List Progress
See what's on my bookshelf, desk at work and Kindle.
I will include Amazon links to the books soon so you can order them for yourselves!
Derek Sivers' Book Notes
Read through the notes that entrepreneur Derek Sivers' has taken over the years.
It is a super great way to grasp the content of a book before purchasing it!
Tai Lopez Recommended Books
Check out some of Tai Lopez Recommended Books.
He posts books frequently on Snapchat!

Startup & Business Guides

Education Master Board
Startup Master Guide
Check out the different startup scenes around the world including, but not limited to: Berlin, Paris, New York and Miami.
I will cover venture capitalists, startup spaces, and different CEO's among other things!
Nuts and Bolts of a Great Business Plan
Follow this guide when writing your next business plan.
If you do it correctly you will be sure to sweep investors off their feet!
Paul Graham’s Essays (Y Combinator Founder)
Read through my favorite Paul Graham essays.
I have brought the best ones front and center!